Miss Minni Slowly Recovers

Recently, Miss Minni badly cut her paw pad which required her to receive seven (7) stitches and spend two nights in hospital.

Since being released, Miss Minni has removed the plastic cone from her head daily, chewed her bandages off – again daily, ripped her stitches out, licked and chewed her sore paw pad and removed lose skin, and complained and fidgeted at it being re-bandaged.

Throughout this time, she has returned to the vet last for her check ups and for the dressing to be changed or reapplied.

The wound is healing nicely but very slowly, and she must still remain indoors, keeping her paw dry and clean for another 7 days. She is doing well, but really wants to run outside to play.

At night she has been spoil rotten and is sleeping on my bed, with a toasty electric blanket keeping her super warm.

This time her new bandage is white… looks great with her black coat, and green collar! xxx Miss Minni’s Mum

Sore paw for Miss Minni

Miss Minni sleeping with a bandaged paw

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