Daisy and Miss Minni

Daisy and Miss Minni playing together July 2014

This is Daisy – Miss Minni’s mum. She is the best mum ever. She loves to visit, and loves Miss Minni visiting her too.

They spend time together all the time playing, chasing each other and playing some more. Sometimes when Miss Minni visits, she takes over lunch – usually lamb, for them to have a puppy picnic together.  Daisy shows Miss Minni how to play, bark, and be naughty. Miss Minni keeps Daisy running till she is pooped.

Miss Minni loves her mum very much and misses her lots. She is one of the lucky ones tho, cause her sister Scarlet and brother Pugsley don’t see her any more, which means that there is more time for them to be together!

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