Miss Minni is the youngest of three fur children. She has an older brother Charlie, and an older sister Emma – both Russian Blue cats who celebrate their birthday on 1st May.  They are brother and sister from the same litter, and have been dearly loved and spoilt since they came home at 6 weeks.  As kittens they were mistreated and quite ill, but ever since they were adopted, they have never gone without.

Miss Minni also has foster sister, Pudding who was born in April 2014.  Pudding is currently looking for her forever home and whilst we search for the right family, Miss Minni is taking care of her and making sure she grows up in a caring and loving home.  Miss Minni is teaching Pudding to be cheeky, to play and to be social around others.

Miss Minni’s mum is Daisy. She is eight years old and they love playing together. Daisy lives near Miss Minni, and they are always talking, playing and going on walks. Daisy doesnt speak of Miss Minni’s father, I suppose she still feels a little hurt by being taken advantage of… lol

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