Education & Training


Miss Minni DaycareMiss Minni is one lucky puppy. Every week she attends Daycare at ACS&TC where she is continues to socialise with other dogs and puppies.

Every week she comes home exhusted, but still manages to tell me about how busy she was playing and learning interactive games, how much she just loves the five large play areas, the splash pools,the undercover chillout areas, environment enrichment toys, agility equipment and everything else they have for her to play on. Her day just doesn’t stop! There is also swim sessions in the purpose built DockDogs salt water pool, snack time with a frozen fresh meat stuffed Kong.

Miss Minni is a bit of a camera and social media hog – she adores seeing her photo on their facebook page and really enjoys posing for the cameras!

For my piece of mind, each area is secured by a 6ft chain wire fencing with 3 ft anti-dig wires into the ground to ensure her safety and security.


Pet Dog Manners

Miss Minni GraduatesThis July, Miss Minni graduated from her Pet Dog Manners Class at the ACS&TC.  She learnt obedience, lose lead walking, focus, coming when called, release signals, sit and drop on command and much more.

Congratulations Miss Minni, everyone is very proud of you on your graduation.









 Australian Canine Sports & Training Centre

ACS&TCMiss Minni is educated and trained at the Australian Canine Sports & Training Centre, located in north – west Sydney, NSW

Seriously, these guys are awesome!  check out their site www.lovesdogs.com.au and bring your dog/ puppy to the Centre.




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